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Brock Second Round Acceptance - Accouting Program

A photo of amped860 amped860
Hey guys first time posters. I'm just wonder if anyone has heard back from Brock about their Accounting Course w/CO-OP. First semister my marks were sub-par and I only had a 79.5 average, I was offered the Accounting without co-op. It's now past mid-term of second semister and I actually started trying this semiste pulling up my marks enough to have an overall average of 83.3. So far I've gotten into:

Brock - Accounting w/out co-op
MacMaster - Commerce
Guelph - Commerce (w/major) in accounting
Western - Business Management

Any knowledge about Brock's acceptance would be appreciated. I plan on accepting soon to university! Thanks I appreciate all feedback..
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A photo of lovehk78 lovehk78
Hey, Just today I checked OUAC and my Brock Accounting Acceptance alternate offer without co-op was updated to co-op. But my average is 90%.
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