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A photo of alyssiaodo_09 alyssiaodo_09
Hey guys,

I was wondering if any one could tell me more about the BsC in nursing. I have applied to many schools for a collaberative course between college and University with this program and am excited to get started. I was wondering if any one else has applied to this program, and what I should expect out of it? I know year 1 is basics, year 2 is more closed and centered towards the nursing itself in Theory, then year 3 and 4 revolve around placement and actually using practical skills.
Also, is there a specific school I should attend due to it majoring in health sciences? Which is the best school that I should be aiming for?
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
That a complete generalization... While I know some programs are like that, mine isn't. And that's what I'm going to base t his on... I'm in first year, and while we still have some general courses like anatomy, nutrition, and physiology we are still focused on nursing...
First semester we did more of a general thing, like nursing process, nursing assessment etc. But this semester in lab we are doing meds, injections, catheterization, etc. Throughout the semester we also have 12 placement hours a week (on top of the 4 lab hours) to practice what we've learned. So, I think it's unfair to say that first year is general, second year is theory, and three and four are placement.
Look into that aspect of the programs you apply to before accepting any offers.
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A photo of taijakelly taijakelly
Alyssia Odo,
as in the Alyssia from Pinecrest?
I applied to Laurentian U. for Nursing this year, I hear great things about it and that its tough and it basicaly becomes you life but i am up for the challenge.
Taija Kelly
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
It's not actually that bad as long as you always keep caught up. If you don't then you're always going to have a ton of things to do.
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A photo of alyssiaodo_09 alyssiaodo_09
I was just going on information that post-secondary schools have given me. I've been looking into the program in more depth because the acceptance dates are closing in soon.
Taija Kelly- Yes this is Alyssia Odo from Pinecrest! Nice to see you are going into nursing.
I have applied into collaberative courses, which takes me through my first two years in college and then my third and fourth year in University. I have applied to cambrian, Loyalist, Lambton and Canadore.
Some of my friend have taken this course, and yes I have heard it is alot of time and effort out of your life...
But it's overall worth it. I have already taken Pharmacology through Northern College in my grade 13 year in Highschool. I have also achieved my red seal in Health sciences, so hopefully this will come in handy in my first year of studies!
Good Luck Taija, I'm sure with the mindset you have, you will love the course.
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A photo of AbbyGreene AbbyGreene
From what I've heard, nursing courses are varied at every school. Different methods, different order of subjects ...
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