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Burger King Scholarship QUESTION

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For those who applied or are applying for the Burger King Scholarship :

What does it mean by -

Parents' Adjusted Gross Income (If an independent student, provide student's adjusted gross income)
Total Income of Parent/Guardian (If an independent student, provide total income for self)
Total Income of Other Parent/Guardian (If an independent student, provide total income for spouse, if applicable)

If anyone could help me out - that would be much appreciated:)
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It's asking how much your parents make before taxes- their Gross income, both of them combined.
The second two questions are asking how much they make individually.

This is only if you rely on your parents for financial support- if you are paying your own way (independent student) you write how much YOU make before taxes.

All this information can be found on your parents tax return sheet, just ask them!
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