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Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) program

A photo of Dckchapy Dckchapy
Hey guys, I just wanted your insight on what kind of chances I have in getting in the Laurier BBA/Waterloo Math Double Degree. My marks are as follows:

Final first semester marks
Advanced Functions- 86
Food Nutrition and science - 90
Accounting - 93
Biology - 93

To be completed (second semester marks)
Chemistry- predicting high 80s to low 90s
Calculus - predicting high 80s to low 90s
English - predicting mid to high 80s

I also applied to laurier Business Administration and Financial Mathetmatics BBA/BA, so I was wondering what you think about my chances are for both of these programs. Thanks :D
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A photo of redherring redherring
Your average with four courses is 90.5- if you can keep that up you should have a decent chance. If you can bump that average up it will definitely improve your chances. Remember that the supplementary applications factor in as well: if you have good ECs and write well, you might be able to get in with an 88-90, or it may improve your chances at another average.

The Laurier double degree you should be good for as long as you are above 88 or 89, and if your average is within 3% there's the ABS that can help you.
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A photo of Nick0rz Nick0rz
You should be okay. Try and get in the 90s for calc.
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A photo of SUMmer123456 SUMmer123456
Like everyone else said, I think you have a fair shot; ECs might end up being the tie-breaker though from the looks of it.
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