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Business and math???

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Hey guys,

Is there a lot of math involved when doing BBA (bachelor of business administration)in

first year? I don't mind if there is, but I am hoping someone could tell me so i can

make a better decision when choosing my path.
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For most programs there is only 1 math, which is usually calculus. Typically this is just a review of high school cal with some new stuff (note this does not mean you don't have to work hard). Some business programs have a stats course in first year (if not it will be 2nd year) such as Waterloo AFM and Queen's Commerce I think (don't quote me on the latter).

There are other maths you can take in first year as well, such as more advanced calc or mathematics for finance.
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I am doing iBBA and I only need to take one math in the 1st year which is STATS. However, I have an option of taking electives such as calculus or integrals. Most programs have two more core math courses in the 2nd year, but many more math options as electives.
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