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Business in Ontario - British Columbian student

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Hello, I'm a grade 12 student from BC. I have some quick questions regarding some business programs in Ontario. It is hard to access information from a reliable source as I am from BC. By reliable, I simply mean students lol. I want a student's view. So before I speak of start, I know a bit about the ranking of top business programs in Canada. All I am seeking is answers, not opinions on who's better or worst.

Firstly, I was just wondering if anyone has heard good things about the Bachelor of International Business at Carleton. I'm really leaning toward that option right now. I like the fact that I'll be able to learn another language. Does anyone know the % requirement?

Between Rotman, Schulich, and Queens, which has the lowest academic % requirement? I will admit I don't have the best grades. I'm struggling with math and calc, but I think I can push my average by the time I apply to at least an 87%+. I'm trying to stack up on some ECs, so could you guys recommend which one would best suit me?

I'm also really interested in McGill. I know Desautels isn't necessarily the best, but I like the campus, city, and the university. I've read you just have to meet an 91% and you'll get in. True? Do they look at ECs?

Is anyone in Waterloo's environment and business? Anyone hear good things about this program?

Thanks. Hope I can get some answers.
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Read this post: http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=7583

All the programs you mentioned are great for business, except Waterloo's Env/Bus and Carleton's Int/Bus.
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