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business (mainly at mac)

A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
hey i really want to get into mcmaster for commerce but recently after my midterms, my average dropped from an 85 to an 80.6
i go to a non-semestered school so i was wondering if universities send out offers after they look at my april marks
i talked to my guidance counselor today and she said that universities base their decisions on february marks
so i called mcmaster and asked the student liason, he said that mcmaster will also look at our 3 quarter marks in april and send out offers
i just wanted to clear things up and ask if they do look at your new average in april because i know i can get my average up to AT LEAST an 85 by april
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A photo of dvan dvan
I'm pretty sure all universities look at your final mark for the final round of admissions. If you can end with an 85% average by April, I think you'll get in.
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