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Business major vs. Economics major

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Which do you believe would better prepare you for a career in business?
I've heard mixed things from several people.

What I've grasped is that a business degree is more effective if you plan on finding work right out of undergrad and don't plan on getting an MBA where as Economics is more academic and looks better when pursuing an MBA.
Statistically economics majors perform better on their GMAT and have higher on average salaries, though on this forums it would seem that getting into Ivey, Queens, etc for business is necessary or else they will never meet their career goals.
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If you're very entreprenerial, it doesn't really matter what you get. However, Economics is very 'big picture' and theoretical, and tends to dabble more into the politics of business. However - I'd say a business degree will probably help you become more intuitive when it comes to making business decisions (think management, HR, consulting etc.)

Economics degrees are more for thinktanks and government jobs, due to the politics regarding economics (think theorists, stats Canada etc.).

Economics degrees are also more math- and stats-heavy than Business degrees. So perhaps that might be counted into your decision. At my school (UWO), a Economics degree is a Bachelor of Arts Economics degree, and the Business degree (at Ivey) is also an Arts degree, so ... yup. However, you can go on to do your CFA/CMA/CA/CGA with the business degree, whereas with the B.A. Economics degree you can't (with Financial Economics you can only get your CFA). So perhaps if you're thinking about the FAR FAR faaar future you can take that into account.

Good luck!
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