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Business Schools that is possible with mid 80s

A photo of pwner613 pwner613
I want to pursue a career in business, but my grades are fairly low like usually 70s and 80s with an occasional 90+, but I really want to get into a good undergraduate business program. Math mark is a 88% and english is 78

York UNivserity, Schulich high 80s
Toronto, Rottman high 80s
Queens Commerce high 80s
American Universities like
UNiversity of Chicago, 18% acceptance rate(is that really hard to get into?)
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton (almost impossible to get into but worth a try)

Can someone please give me tips on getting into a good university and tips on improving marks?

I am currently in grade 10 in a gifted program
most of the classes I do no homework just assignments and study for about 3 hours for every test, but just find I run out of time. I am really trying to improve work habits though.
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A photo of applesnack applesnack
If you're in grade 10 then you have lots of time to improve your work habits and your grades imo. Schools like schulich, rotman, waterloo, laurier, and ivey are possible. keep at it
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A photo of pwner613 pwner613
thats what i said to myself in grade 9 but still no change happenning. Im just scared grade 12 is going to suddenly hit me in the face
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A photo of Rela Rela
I was the same in grade 9 and 10, the motivation just suddenly comes in halfway through grade 11 and in grade 12. I wouldn't worry too much about it :)
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A photo of Limelight Limelight
My advice to you is don't wait for the motivation to kick in. I know so many people who thought that in grade 12, they would suddenly work harder and get higher marks. But bad habits are hard to lose...so start early.

However, as hypocritical as this sounds, I'm in grade 12 right now and honestly, I think I worked harder in grade 9 than I do now. If you find yourself unmotivated like me, choose courses that will interest you. As long as your courses interest you, you will likely listen in class, retain more information, and get a higher mark.
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A photo of jelly jelly
You definitely need to start working harder if you're determined to do something. I've been the same for the past couple of years, put in a good amount of effort for assignments, do tests without the most ideal preparation. My marks haven't seen a noticeable jump from previous years due to this, and I really wish I worked harder this year. No doubt, people are very rarely telling the truth when they say they will work much harder in grade 12, it doesn't change that easily.
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A photo of johneidude johneidude
The issue I see is that if you can not manage to get above 80's (or hell mid 80's) in HS, you will have a lot of trouble at University, especially at Business schools (where most people, well in the good programs, have very high averages and who are very competitive, the UBC Sauder entrance average two years ago, for example, was like 92% or something like that). The level of difficulty between a public HS and University is very big. In University, you will have to know how to think critically and analyze problems in new and much more deeper ways. Its not like in HS where you just regurgitate information that you memorized. That being said, you should start working hard now, because even if you do manage to do well in your last year of HS, that does not mean that you will stay in University for the whole 4 years if you are not prepared for the "academic rigor".
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