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CA campus recruiment

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Just wanted to make sure that when the accounting firms recruit graduates from undergraduate business programs, do they recruit people to train them to become a CA; that would fulfill the 3 year experience requirement. Do the accounting firms also recruit people on campus from programs besides business? For U of T, would the person still be employable with the accounting firms if the person in majoring in rotman commerce (BA) and also majoring in something else like microbiology r d the accounting firms strictly recruit people from the b.com program?
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It depends on what type of firm you are referring to, and the individual person. Often you will be paid to do a lot of grunt work. The firm or company will usually like you because they get tax breaks and you are cheap labour. In return, they will teach you some stuff. Depending on the place, they will get you to do stuff that requires more thinking, and will show you how to do it. As you work more and possibly work at other places, you will begin to be able to do more important things. If you work at a CA Training Office (CATO), they have been given the credentials by ICAO/CICA to help "train" you to become a CA. There are places that are pretty good at this. But just don't expect to have someone sit with you the whole time and show you how to do things and turn you into a good CA. And don't expect to do all easy/fun/challenging jobs.

I thought Rotman Commerce was a Bachelors of Commerce and not a BA?

If you are going through to become a CA, you will only be taking accounting courses in upper years basically, to fill you CA credit requirements.

If you are not taking accounting courses you are useless to many firms and they probably don't want to even bother figuring out why you want an accounting job when you are not in an accounting stream or business program. There are plenty of other people looking for jobs so they will likely choose one of these people.

Do you want to clarify that last bit though? What do you mean BA and why aren't you taking accounting if you want to be an accountant?
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Thanks fr your reply.

I was referring to the BA commerce program at U of T, the one that you can take parallel to another major. This one is not a specialist program and therefore you take less business courses than the commerce program.
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Then I would assume that it is impossible to become a CA in that program unless you overload and come back for three additional terms. If it is even possible.

If you do not want to become a CA, then I suppose you could still apply for jobs. You will just not be getting anything fancy (no big 4) and don't expect it to be easy. Usually if they are investing time in you, they are looking for you to go through and become a CA and possibly stay with them and/or be very useful to them.
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