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Calculating Admission Average

A photo of jsmith202 jsmith202
I have applied for Queen's Commerce Program, How are they going to calculate my admission average? I know that English, Calculus and Advanced Functions are prerequisite courses for the program, but Calculus and Advanced Functions will be by far my lowest marks. Because they prerequisite courses though do they have to be 2 of the 6 courses used to calculate my average?

Here is a hypothetical list of my grades:

Economics(U course)-98
Accounting(M course)-98
Business Leadership(M course)-97
Religion (M course)-96
English (U course)-93
Calculus (U course)-83
Advanced Functions(U course)-82

So would this be how they calculate my average:
Business Leadership-97

For an average of 94.16%

Or do they have to use the 3 prerequisite courses so it would be like this:
Business Leadership-97
Advanced Functions-82

For an average of 91.83 %

I'm curious because as you can see there is a few percents different in my average depending on which way they calculate it
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A photo of saber33 saber33
It's not your best six. It's your best courses after the prerequisites.
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