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Calculus and Vectors mark for rotman commerce admission

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Hello everyone!
i am a grade 12 student who really want to go to Rotman Commerce, and have applied there. I think they are still reviewing my documents.
I am not doing so well in calculus and vectors, I got 78 as a midterm mark.
Rotman commerce admission policy is mid-high 80s top 6 average, heavily focused on calc and english. I think I meet their criteria, as my top 6 is low 90s, but calculus is bringing my mark down.

I have done over 700 hours of community service hours, and have taken several leadership positions. Also I completed rotman supplementaries.

I was wondering if I could get rejected because of my low math mark... What is the minimum mark for calc to be accepted?

Do I have a chance of being admitted to the program?

P.S. I live in Toronto, so I don't think I will be disadvantaged?
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