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Calculus Equivalent

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One of the required courses for Schulich BBA is calculus. I am at Seneca diploma program is Accounting and Finance and these are the courses in the curriculum are presented below. I want to know whether i wil be taking any class that is equivalent to Calculus.

Accounting Basics I 4
BUS106 Business - Its Nature and Environment 4
EAC150 College English 3
ICA001 Introduction to Computers and Applications 2
QNM106 Mathematics of Finance 4
SSC100 Success Strategies for College 2

Semester 2 * Subject Name Hrs/Wk
ACC220 Accounting Basics II 4
MRK108 Introduction to Marketing 3
OBR250 Organizational Behaviour 3
QNM222 Business Statistics 4
SMS213 Microcomputers and Business Decision Making 3
XXXXXX General Education Option 3

Semester 3 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
ACC431 Cost Accounting 4
ALW380 Business Law for Accounting 4
EAC349 Business Communication for Accounting 4
QNM444 Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making 4
SMS314 System Studies II 4
XXXXXX General Education Option 3
CPP100 Co-op Professional Theory (co-op option only) 2
CWT100 Co-op Work Term (co-op option only)

Semester 4 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
ACC415 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACC533 Managerial Accounting 4
ECN501 Introduction to Principles of Economics - Micro 3
FIN401 Finance I 4
SMS413 Systems Studies III 4

Semester 5 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
ACC517 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACC540 Personal Taxation 4
ACC551 Accounting: Auditing I 4
ECN502 Introduction to Principles of Economics - Macro 3
FIN603 Finance II 4

Semester 6 Subject Name Hrs/Wk
ACC530 Advanced Financial Accounting 4
ACC642 Corporate Taxation 4
ACC653 Accounting: Auditing II 4
CAP503 Accounting: Career Planning (non co-op option only) 1
EAC694 Advanced Report Writing 4
SMS515 Systems Studies IV

Thanks guys
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