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Calculus for Brock's Health Sciences

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Hello. I have just a quick question:

I will most certainly be undertaking Brock's Health Sciences program, and I have taken Calculus for my second semester of Grade 12 classes.

Math is not one of my strongest subjects. Is it better if I keep or drop it for something different?


EDIT: My goal after University is Med School.
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
BSH Honours Health Sciences BSc
Required 4U Subjects: English (ENG4U), Biology (SBI4U), Chemistry (SCH4U) (min. 70%), [size=8][size=6]one 4U math (MDM4U preferred)[/size][/size]
Strongly recommended subject: Exercise Science (PSE4U)
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So , re above^^, yeh its probably best that you do because you'll only have to take it in Uni, and it's tougher there.
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