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calculus for business

A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
i go to a non-semestered school and just had midterms. ive applied to university for business. all the universities (ubc, mac, guelph, ottawa, laurier) say they want two out of three maths except for waterloo. i took func in summer school and got a 67 so i repeated it and took it in night school and ended up with a 75. right now i have a 76 in data. im also taking calc and we just received our mark after the midterms. mine is a 51. im wondering if i should drop it in day school to take it in night school. but if the universities want two out of three maths and i have data and func. then would it really matter if i boosted my calc. mark? i just dont want to go through the rest of the year knowing that i might not get the caculus credit since my mark is hanging by a thread. also, would i have a less of a chance of getting into university since my 51 would show up anyways and my night school mark wouldnt show till april 7? if i do take it in night school, i would finish may 16 and i would have no final exams at the end of the year in day school. opinions?
my university preference is as follows:
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A photo of LaurierBBA LaurierBBA
I was kinda in the same situation you are. First semester I had advanced functions which I didn't do so well in, so now I'm taking it in night school. My only concern was will they look at that mark?

My guidance counseler told me depending on the university (I believe UofT was the only one that doesn't allow night school marks) but all of them allow it. And if you already took Calculus you don't need to take it again, since most uni's will only include 2/3 maths in your prerequisite courses. So unless Calc is a prereq, don't worry about it!

The only reason I'm taking Calc over data this semester is to get the background on what calc is about, since you need to take a first year course on it. You're already ahead since you did all 3 math courses.
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A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
ohhhh okay sounds good except, i was just considering taking it in night school in case i dont do well for the rest of the year because then i wont get the credit :S
i heard universities prefer calc over data but my guidance counselor said if it says two out of three maths then i should be fine! :S
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A photo of LaurierBBA LaurierBBA
Well you only need 30 credits, so unless you took 2 spares or you failed a course before, you should be fine even if you don't get the credit for it. How many credits do you have so far?
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A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
lets see
grade 9: 8 credits
grade 10: 8 credits
grade 11: 8 credits
grade 12: i have 2 so far, excluding calc i will get 5 for sure so thats 7

altogether: 31 credits
looks like were good to go!
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