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Calling all 2011 Grads!!!

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First of all, congratz to all those who finished high school

I'm an 11th grade student heading into 12th grade next year, and I was hoping for a little advice from all of you who've been there and done that.

It would mean the world to me, if anyone entering any program (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HEADING INTO LIFE SCIENCE/ BIOMED) would post their prospective major, from which school, top 6 average, marks for their pre-reqs, any EC's, and what time of year you got accepted.

Please include any additional info or any other comments, that you think would be helpful (such as your experience with repeated courses, the ouac system, scholarships, leadership etc.)

Your input will be very helpful and give all the grads of 2012 a better idea of the grade 12 experience. thanks to all! Enjoy your summer!
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