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Callling all 2011 Grads!!!

A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
First of all, congratz to all those who finished high school

I'm an 11th grade student heading into 12th grade next year, and I was hoping for a little advice from all of you who've been there and done that.

It would mean the world to me, if anyone entering any program (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE HEADING INTO LIFE SCIENCE/ BIOMED) would post their prospective major, from which school, top 6 average, marks for their pre-reqs, any EC's, and what time of year you got accepted.

Please include any additional info or any other comments, that you think would be helpful (such as your experience with repeated courses, the ouac system, scholarships, leadership etc.)

Your input will be very helpful and give all the grads of 2012 a better idea of the grade 12 experience. thanks to all! Enjoy your summer!
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A photo of CK26 CK26
Hey jaymeshaughnessy,

I remember answering your question about repeat courses for Queen's a while back. While I understand that you may be slightly confused about the process of applying, I think it would be better if you don't post the same posts numerous times in different sections because it gets slightly confusing.

However, I digress. I will be heading off to Queen's this September and hopefully get into life sciences for second year. My top six average is probably around 88-90% because I haven't gotten my final marks back yet. I was accepted around late April because my first semester marks weren't very strong.

Top 6 with Prereqs (from midterm):

Advanced Functions: 93%
English: 94%
Eng Lit: 95%
Calculus: 88%
Chemistry: 85%
Biology: 74% <---While I'm not about to make excuses for this poor mark,the biology teacher for our class was particularly tight with marks and the class average was very low; this mark probably explains why I probably didn't get accepted until late April.

I had a lot of EC's though, but mainly, I volunteered overseas for two summers in Asia, published writing in a book, won some national art/writing competitions, and was the senior editor of my school newspaper.

Queen's only looks at the highest mark for repeated courses, however, U of T does not. The ouac system is not particularly hard to figure out and you can check your offers through that website. Start looking for scholarships early, but don't restrict yourself to really competitive ones. Grade 12 will be a stressful year with all the university and scholarship applications. Don't be discouraged if all your friends start getting acceptance letters in winter, just stay patient, and good news will usually follow.

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A photo of ktel ktel
I'm a 2007 high school grad, so I've definitely been there and done that.

I just finished a degree in mechanical engineering, but when I applied in grade 12 I applied to both sciences and engineering programs. I think I got early acceptance to all the programs I applied to.

I'm from Alberta and I also took IB. I received an unconditional acceptance in April to the U of A based on my predicted IB marks. I finished my IB diploma with a mark of 41/45.

My grade 12 courses were:
English 30 - 94%
Social Studies 30 - 91%
Math 30 - 96%
Math 31 (calculus) - 95%
Bio 30 - 96%
Chem 30 - 98%
Physics 30 - 94%

I had a fair number of ECs. I was the chair of our big volleyball tournament that ran over 3 weekends, leading a committee of 20-ish people. I was the co-chair in charge of organizing our commencement ceremonies for 700-ish grads. I played rugby and handball. I was in the leadership class. Also fairly involved in the rugby community.

I was offered a $50,000 scholarship to U of C, which I declined. I received about $20,000 worth of scholarships in my first year, $50,000 over my whole degree at the U of A. 12/27 scholarships were from the U of A, 12/27 were from the government and 3 were external. And trust me I applied for a LOT more external scholarships. So obviously the school you choose to go to can make a big difference as far as scholarships go. U of A and U of C were the only two schools I applied to, and both provided me with a fair bit of money. That being said, many of the scholarships I won from the universities still required an application, and the applications were due early. START LOOKING NOW.
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