yconic - Can grade 12 Music be used as one of your top 6?
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Can grade 12 Music be used as one of your top 6?

A photo of Ke186 Ke186
Course code is AMG4M1
It's strange no one on this forum has this course for their top6
Can it be used for Schulich,Rotman and Queens?
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A photo of erudite erudite
Yeah, why not? It's an M course. But I know Schulich requires that you can only use 2 M courses in your top 6.
And lol music doesn't seem to be a popular course (at least the school I go to) so that's why not one uses it in their top 6.
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A photo of UniKid UniKid
Yes, it can.

Your top six will be
MHF4U1 - for some schools

As the person above me said, some schools only allow 2 M courses, assuming you have another U course, which I would assume you would, music would be in your top 6.
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