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can I get accepted to the following programs?

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Western Biomed, McMaster Life Sciences, Queens General Science and UofT Life Sciences.

My marks are as follows:

Advanced Functions:73
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Western Biomed: The cutoff last year was 85.5% and it's probably going to be a bit higher this year since lots of people applied(about an 86.6%)
Your top 6 along with the prerequisites will include English, Advanced Functions, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Law. That will give you exactly an 87% which should get you an offer because it is above the cutoff.

McMaster Life Science: The website says the anticipated cutoff range was 83%-86% but someone on the forum said this year's cutoff will be 89%.
Your top 6 including the prerequisites will be English, Biology, Calculus, Chemisty, Economics and Law. That will make your average 87.67%. Your chances for this are not as high since the cutoff is likely 89% this year. You'll be put on the waiting list and might get an offer towards the end of May, depending on how many people apply.

Queens Science: The cutoff is strictly 84%+.
Your top 6 will be English, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Biology, Chemistry and Law. That will make your average 83.8% which is not enough for the cutoff. All you need is a 1% bump in one subject and you'll make the cutoff. I would suggest you tell one of your English, Math, Law or Science teachers that and they'll bump your mark up by 1%.

UofT Life Sciences: The cutoff is low to mid 80s although I'd go with mid 80s since the cutoff is always at the upper end. Your top 6 includes, English, Calculus, Bio, Business, Law and Economics. That makes your top 6 average average an 89%.They are also paying specific attention to English and Calculus so your English looks really good, not so much the calculus. Your chances for this program are looking good since your average is above the cutoff by a lot.

Good luck :)
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