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Can I Get In!?

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Here's some information and I'd love some opinions on whether I could get into the following schools for BA (either PoliSci or International Studies depending on the school).

Schools I'm applying to:
UofAlberta, UBC, McGill, UofT, Queen's, Waterloo, UVic, Dalhousie

Grade 11 Average - 92.6%
Grade 12 courses taken:
Law - 96%
Earth & Space - 90%

My current very preliminary sem. 1 looks like:
English - 92%
Chem - 85%
Business Leadership - 95 %
(91%ish average so far)

I'm in my second year as Student Senator of the school and second year as one of two student trustees in my school board, I volunteer with heart & stroke and cancer society, I've done six years of work with Me to We, I lead the Gender/Sexuality Alliance within my school... etc.

What do you think my chances of getting to those schools are? Scholarship possibilities? Thanks! 

PS no "trolls" please
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UofA- yes
UBC- yes
McGill- yes
UofT- idk
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Thanks for the opinion! Honestly, UofT is somewhat out of curiosity but I'm interested to say.
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These universities I listed only look at grades, so go on their website and if you pass the entrance average, you're in.
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You say P.S no trolls please, yet your entire post comes across as a troll. What exactly are you hoping to hear? Arts programs are by no means competitive. Pol Sci is the same everywhere and useless without further grad schooling. You can pretty much get into all your programs with low to mid 80s. McGIll requires higher but it's nothing special for arts. Most of those programs don't even care about Ecs.

You have 90+ grades but can't look this up yourself? And you're asking people here not to troll?
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I think everyone in this process can agree that it's stressful and as many opinions as possible are appreciated. The end-goal is Law school. I know the uselessness of my programs - it's really just something I can be interested in for 4 years. 
Also, I did mention the possibility of scholarships which is another reason I wanted to ask. I mentioned ECs for Queen's and UBC. 
Sorry that it seems you may have been offended, I wasn't trolling. 
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OP, this is the best advice you can get and you should seriously be open to it. 

Managing your finances and debt accumulation is the most important thing you can do when you're going into a degree program like arts which has a poor payout. Particularly, if law school is your end goal you're looking at six figure debt easily. 

Go where you think you'll get the best grades because GPA is king for law school admissions, and be responsible with your finances because even if you get into law school you'll be in serious debt. If you don't get into law school, you'll graduate with a degree that has poor employment prospects. 

Arts programs are the same everywhere. Law schools and employers don't care in Canada where you went - it can be Nipissing, Windsor, U of T, McGill, Trent, Alberta, SFU, Laurentian, etc. It won't matter to anyone that actually matters where you went. 

P.S. Why are you applying to 8 programs when you'll probably get into all of them? That's a huge waste of money when you're going to be narrowing down your choices anyways and going to 1. Apply to 5 maximum. 
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Thanks! This is some really good advice and gives me lots to think about. Also I did plan to narrow it down to 4 or 5 schools in the next few weeks, but I wanted to mention all I'm considering. Should have clarified.
Thanks again.
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OP, I hope you have a decent backup plan besides law school. 
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you hv a lot of extra curricular activities O.O ive done plenty of volunteer work ranging from environment to sales person but just not as many as you lol, i feel like im falling behind in terms of tht
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Environment stuff looks really good! Play stuff up. If you still have time think of something big you could do for the community like an event.
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You can probably get into Poli Sci at Uvic, they only look at your Engl 12 marks and your 3 academic 12 courses.
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You'll definitely get in at Dalhousie, and will probably be offered a $16K scholarship ($4000/year) based off people I know with similar admission averages. I'm not sure if they offer your program but have you considered Trent University? They offer free tuition to those who have 90%+ averages
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