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Can I get into Shad Valley???

A photo of Lefty07 Lefty07
I just wanted to know, can I get into Shad Valley 2012???
My marks are really low this time because they're only based on one or two tests. I'm going to ask my teachers to update them before I apply, if that's possible.

Anyways, here are my stats.
I'm currently a grade 11 student at a very competitive public school in Ontario. I'm taking the hardest classes, and 2 grade 12 maths at the AP level (does rigor matter?). My average for the first month of school was about 87%... it sucks, I know, but it will definitely improve. Will they care and will this hurt me?

Extracurricular activities:
Band (9,10)
Self-taught piano, trumpet, tenor sax player
Volunteer tutor (9-11)
Language teacher at my place of worship (9-11)
Public speaking 2nd place religious thing (9,10)
Canadian Cancer Society school youth leader and club founder (11)
Science Club (10,11)
International Issues Club (10, 11 leader)
Diversity Dinner South Asia head (11)
Volunteer at random school events (9-11)
Wrote Pascal, Cayley; Fermat will be this year
Volunteer in university research lab (starting next month)
Currently co-founding a club that operates under a UN-affiliated NPO (11)
DECA regionals 3rd place (11)

I'm worried that my marks will hurt me.

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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
1. This isn't Japan. There is no such thing as a "competitive" high school in Ontario.
2. I'm from Ontario. Tell me, what school offers AP classes?
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A photo of Lefty07 Lefty07

Those are Ontario schools that offer AP.

Sorry, guess I didn't word that properly. I meant to say that the courseload is rigorous, and even our basic academic classes teach material outside of the curriculum. And we have a lot of really strong students, hence the competitive nature.
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A photo of alisonwong9000 alisonwong9000
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A photo of Lefty07 Lefty07
No means you don't think I will get in? Can I ask what it is that I need to fix? Thanks for the input.
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A photo of Lefty07 Lefty07
And also, does anyone know the acceptance rates for past years or in general?
Thanks, I'm so worried.
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A photo of bubbletea bubbletea
Hey Lefty07, I think you're stressing too much. First off, an 87 average is great and competitive for Shad. Also the fact you can write in that you're taking AP courses on the app clearly differentiates from regular 3U/4U courses.

Also, your ECs are extensive and diverse, but what I would be afraid of is if your fear was present in your writing. Marks are only a small part of the equation, and these marks are nothing to worry about. As long as you were confident in your overall application, then I think you have a great shot at getting in.

The acceptance rate is around 500 ppl out of 1100-1200 applications, but I think the acceptances are more around 550 since many campuses have around 60 ppl each. Queen's had the smallest at 46, but most campuses have around 55+.
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A photo of DoorKnob22 DoorKnob22
I'd say you chances are fine. 87% might be a low average for you but in general that's a pretty high average.

Somewhat off topic but you should go for Duke of Edinburgh Award while you're at it, I've heard from someone else who made it to Shad that if you have Gold DEA, they'll more or less throw you in if you apply.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I'm also applying to the program and have similar concerns. Best of luck, hope you make it! :)
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A photo of fhunter2 fhunter2
An 87% average makes you competitive, especially with the extracurriculars you have. You definitely have a shot. Quite a few of my UBC Shad peers had high 80 averages when they got in.
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A photo of PrettyWoman PrettyWoman
I think your marks combined with your ECs are good enough to get you in! Remember, they will also be considering you essays/creative aspect as well. Don't sweat it too much, an 87 isn't bad at all.
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