yconic - can i get into U of T engineering???
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can i get into U of T engineering???

A photo of casvalremdeikun casvalremdeikun
the statics that posted online really scares me. ppl saying this year's cut off for engineering will most likely be 86, i apply for engineering first choice ECE, and i only got a 84 avg, for 78 in cal(screw up the first test),84 eng (private school), 81 phy, 83 chem, 87 func, 95 Data . and im part of the robotics club, top 25% in comc...what will be my chance to get in?

btw i already got acceptance form mac in march, but nothing from waterloo and UT till now. So nervous about it, want to get into UT eng Sooooooooooooo bad :(
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