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Can I get into UBC arts with an average of 90%?

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I currently have a gpa of 90% but due to job action going on atm, UBC is also accepting students using their grade 11 marks. I'm afraid this will impact my chance of getting into UBC since they're filling up spaces already. I know a couple years back, students with an average of high 80s would get accepted into arts. But it seems like the admission cut off rose every year. Is a 90% avg good enough for arts this year? For those of you who have already been accepted to arts with your grade 11 marks, what was your average? any suggestions?
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A photo of Comicfire Comicfire
I think you should be okay.
I applied to science with a 93% average and have yet to be accepted. I didn't have the best grade 11 marks so I won't be accepted in the first round but I'm sure I have a decent chance in the second round.

Best of luck to you mate! :cheers:
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
You'll be fine, I'm sure! I have an 88.5, my grade 11 marks were around an 83, and I got accepted in March. This might be because I applied for their Major Entrance Scholarship, but all the same, it isn't incredibly difficult with a 90 avg.
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