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Can i get into UofT/Mac/Waterloo Eng.

A photo of gs1994 gs1994
Hey guys,
i would like to know if i can make it to the following programs with my semester 1 and semester 2 midterm marks:
UofT - Computer Engineering
McMaster- Engineering I
Waterloo - Computer Engineering

My marks are:
Chemistry - 77
Physics - 86
Adv. Functions - 90
English - 88
Calculus & Vectors - 93
Computer Engineering - 94

Average -88%
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
Mac for sure. Very good chance at UofT and Waterloo. May I ask the course code of your computer engineering course and what exactly you do in that class?
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A photo of gs1994 gs1994
Sure its TEJ4MR. Basically in Grade 11, we did basic binary, soldering, breakdown of computer and micro controller unit. Grade 12, we continued binary, soldering on protoboard, careersnetwork unit: subnetting, cisco, and to finish off with Computer Interfacing (robotics applications) and operating systems
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A photo of Jean111 Jean111
Hi, just want to know if I can get into McMaster engineering I:

average: 83.5

Eng 80
Phy 81
Chem 84
Biology 86
Calculas 81
accoutning 90

advan func 81

any one got accepted with the same marks?
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A photo of asad04 asad04
For a discussion about McMaster's Engineering 1 program you can refer to the thread below. There's lots of discussion and will probably answer most of your questions.

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