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Can I still apply for additional Universities?

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I know it is past the due date for applications but on OUAC 101 some programs are still open. My first choice was Queen's which I think I will get after midterms (89.5% avg this semester :study: ) but my backups were ryerson and waterloo and I can't see myself spending 4 years at either of these schools. I wanted to apply to UTM and Trent as backups in the situation that I do not get into Queen's. I think their deadlines have past but on OUAC I am still able to apply for fall 2011. I just want to make sure that I will still be considered for admission if I apply because I am not fond of the idea of throwing away $80. Thank you for you time!
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A photo of mikey12y mikey12y
Yeah I'm not too sure about that either but I tried it out anyways, I applied to 2 programs at Guelph and was accepted so the other one didn't really matter anymore so I deleted it and added Mac instead lol. It'd be sweet if I was still considered for admission and I can't see why not maybe we'll just be at the bottom of the list?
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If the application for a certain program is still open on OUAC, that means the university is still accepting applications for that program and will consider you application.
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