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Can I still get into Ivey?

A photo of mercenary mercenary
^so due to my stupidity I didn't apply to Ivey... the AEO application deadline has passed... I am still able to apply to the management program at western but I am unclear on if I can still get into Ivey in my third year (if so what is the process)? If I still can, what are the odds of making it into Ivey in my 3rd year?
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Of course you can apply to Ivey before 3rd year.
Just maintain a 80 average for your first two years and keep doing EC's and maintain work experience :)
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A photo of lmao lmao
Enhhh, I wouldn't do that. Remember the AEO students will come before you and then you'll be competing with students from other uni's. Just because you are at Western doesn't give you an advantage.

If you get into the other programs you applied to (which are all great) go there and then apply for Ivey third year. Or else there will remain a risk of you graduating with an unrecognized BMOS degree.

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A photo of mercenary mercenary
Ohhhhhh kk that does make sense... Yeah it would be stupid of me to take that risk
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