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Can I still get into Rotman?

A photo of cocoappleli cocoappleli
My English mark is only 84, and I'm taking Calculus next semester, but I can definitely get around 93% for that.

Do I still have a chance to get into Rotman with 84 in English?
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
personally i dont know anyone who got in with their prerequisites below 85, but if u can have rly high marks in calc, that might balance out that 1 mark
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A photo of dimethylamylamine dimethylamylamine
Unless they changed their requirements lately, I got into all the schools with ENG4U <85%
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
last year they really emphasized 85+ in english and calc, but if the poster above me got in below 85 eng, then its still possible

even if it is 85+ tho, you still have a pretty good chance with 84 especially if your other stuff is good.

they dont always hold true to their 'requirements', and that goes for all unis...i know plenty of people who got in different programs with slightly under the required marks.
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