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Can I switch Engineering choice at Waterloo?

A photo of jmartinez jmartinez
I've applied (although haven't been accepted to) electrical engineering at waterloo....
just wondering that if I do get accepted if its possible to switch that choice to chemical engineering (which I listed as an alternative on my AIF)?

Marks if it matters..
functions 90 (final, taken in grade 11)
AP economics 99 (final, also taken in grade 11)
AP chemistry 86 (mid term)
AP physics 80 (mid term)
AP calculus 95 (mid term)
english 82 (mid term)

and a load of extracurriculars including student council president...
any help is much appreciated :)
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A photo of Skyper Skyper
Two weeks ago, I sent them an email asking if I could switch my offer from mechanical to electrical (which was my alternate as well). I got an email today saying that they officially switched me of program. I guess then that it is doable. However, I highly doubt that they like doing that.

Two week was a really long time to get an answer, and I guess they simply reputed me for admission in the mid-may wave. Honestly I would give them a call on Monday and see what could be done.
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A photo of aimango aimango
I think they would be more than willing to do stuff like this for you guys, because for engineering, a lot of people do transfers after 1A and it's already a bit of a hassle. The quicker you guys know what you really want to do, and the quicker you notify them, the better. I mean obviously they want you to come to UW and be happy. Plus, not everyone's gonna accept their offer so they always give out more offers than expected student count in 1st year. so yeah email them about it.
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