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Can you choose/switch your coop stream at Waterloo

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I want to apply to Chemical engineering at Waterloo, and it says for coop I will either have stream 4 or stream 8. My question is whether I am able to choose between the two coop streams, or are they assigned to me? If they are assigned, am i allowed to switch between the two?
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
Unfortunately, in engineering, you don't get to choose. However, I believe at some point they will ask you for your preference. It's not a guarantee, but better than nothing.

People without mandatory co-op programs (for instance, CS) can change their streams freely, for the record.
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A photo of konhee93 konhee93
My friend is in Chem Eng and he called and got a stream 4.
He told me he made things up (his family is in a financial crisis so he needs to do coop fast to pay for tuition, etc etc).
So if you can make a decent excuse, they'll let u change ur stream to ur preference.
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