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Can't Decide on a Business Program, Help!

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I want to go to school for business, and hopefully get either a BBA or BCom. I narrowed it down to Laurier(BBA), Trent(BBA), UOIT(BCom), and Waterloo(BES, Environment and Business)<< (Waterloo is my last choice). I've found a lot of positives and negatives for each school but I am still struggling with a decision, and am hoping that the input of others will help. Any advice?

Also, I heard that Laurier requires you to take Advanced Functions (min. 70%) but doesn't use it in your calculated average. Any truth to this?
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Have you done research? Why would you go to Trent or UOIT for business? Waterloo's BES is a pretty good program but it's not a business degree if that's what you're looking for.For business, U of T,Schulich,Queens and Western are the best programs, followed by Laurier. A course that's required is always used in calculating your top 6 average.
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