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Can't decide which University-College residence to go to at Waterloo

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Hello, I went to the Waterloo open house today to meet students and profs from the program I am likely going to be taking (Environment and Business-accepted) and to decide which residence is right for me. I was very surprised actually at how much what I though I wanted changed after physically checking the residences out. I am very picky about people not touching my stuff and I really like a fair amount of time by myself in my life so I initially thought a suite style or single room would be right for me. After going today though and getting a feel for what every residence was about I definitely changed my mind.

Basically I decided that I want to go to a University College because I vastly prefer the community feel that exists there (or at least it seems to). I also decided that while I am kind of particular I shouldn’t be choosing a residence solely on comfort (MKV) because I could just go to an apartment off campus for that. And while I think I would ultimately enjoy having a roommate I would still like a bit of the comfort I have become accustomed to. So now I am basically trying to weigh the pros and cons of each UC and decide which one is right for me. So I am going to tell you a little about myself and everything I feel is relevant (if I miss anything please let me know) and hopefully someone could point me in the right direction. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Go to bed around 12-1
Wake up as early as I have to or as late as 10, 10:30
Like to really BLAST music (dubstep, folk-rock, reggae)
Like to party (come home from pub drunk or play some beer pong in the room), but also am able to maintain a healthy balance
Don’t eat a lot of food at all and usually don’t really eat breakfast
Play a lot of sports, will be playing a lot of intramurals. Maybe varsity badminton lol
Would prefer a co-ed floor and wouldn’t mind but also wouldn’t prefer co-ed bathrooms
Will be bringing girls back to my room and don’t really want to get hassled (grebel)
Will be keeping a stocked mini-fridge at all times ☺
Will be bringing my 42’ tv
Do care about a bigger/more comfortable bed in my decision (obviously not highly though)

So what do you think? Which rez is right for me?
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