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Career Change Pharmacy??Help???

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I have been pondering a few possibilites. I am in my last year of Sports Administration taken from Kansas City. However, due to the lack of availiabilty I am wanting to pursue what I had wanted to pursure when i first started University. The idea behind it was when I was in University I had taken Organic Chemistry and that was when everything turned for me. I also recognized as long as I took physchology and held a high enough GPA then I would be good to go. However, I switched and went to Sports Admin because I was an athlete who enjoyed interacting and handling business. But I am also finding out that I must have a accounting degree or marketing degree to work in these sports facisilites such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.
1.) I go into Pharmacy Tech planing to get a job within the industry retake my highschool courses and apply for Pharmacy School????

2.) Go back to Universtity and attempt to transfer into a Physchology degree????

3.) Helppppppppppppp?????
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