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Careers in Finance

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Okay as of right now I do have my mind set on pursuing a career in accounting, but I know many people change their minds once they go to University. I would think I might be interested in finance as well, but the only job I know in finance really is investment banking. With their long hours and work load, it really doesn't sound like a lifestyle I would like to take on. So what are some jobs in finance and what would be their job description?
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A photo of rdawg204 rdawg204
Securities analyst is a well paying job that isn't too time consuming (50-60 hour weeks max). I am basing that on a friends opinion who is in the industry.
I have another friend in the industry who is in IB and has put in 115 hour weeks. But he takes home 200K+ a year and is only 2 years out of university so you get what you put in.
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A photo of caveman caveman
First, I would suggest doing some research on finance, so that you get an idea of what the industry is all about (it's much more than selling stocks and being a big-shot investment banker). There's some good sites around, some of which are more basic and some of which are more advanced and/or dispel myths about finance, etc. I would also suggest trying to pick up a used "Intro to Finance" textbook cheap, or look at your local library. Don't read word-for-word, just read the intros for each chapter, some of the bolded words, summaries, or anything that looks important without being too complicated. Charts/graphs can also help too.

As for specific jobs, reading/learning about finance will give you a good idea where people are actually needed and what kinds of things they do within the financial industry. The best resource I can think of concerning jobs and such would be here: http://www.explorefinancialservices.com/ - I've only briefly browsed through it, but it seems pretty decent. It DOES NOT talk about wages, which is probably a good thing. Don't worry so much about those yet.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
For i-banking/private equity and some S&T read www.mergersandinquisitions.com
They cover lots of groups, regions, breaking in from non-targets/targets, boutiques vs BB, compensation and pretty much every else in between you would wanna know about IB. :)
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A photo of AdJan AdJan
Financial Planner
Financial Analyst
Securities Analyst
Investment Banker

Those are some big ones, if you interested in more possible careers AND their descriptions, you're gonna have to research more.
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
Many, many. Let me give you some at TD.

TDBFG Management Rotational Program
Management Associate
Business Banking
Commercial Banking Associate
Agriculture Services Associate
Real Estate Associate
Corporate Office and Operations
Senior Relationship Manager, Corporate Real Estate (CRE)
Senior Economist
Senior Project Manager
Senior Compliance Officer
Investor Relations Manager
Finance Associate
TDCT Management Associate
Management Associate
Operations & Technology
Credit Analyst
Technology Solutions
Information Technology Solutions Developer
TD Securities - ***The Corporate Banking type of jobs.***
Investment Banking Associate (New York)
Investment Banking Associate (Montreal)
Investment Banking Analyst
Sales & Trading Associate
Corporate Credit Associate
Wholesale Banking Services Associate
Wealth Management
Investment Management Associate (TD Asset Management)
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