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Careers in the humanities

A photo of sophiekirk sophiekirk
I want to study english, social science, the humanities. Nothing else has ever appealed to me. I've realized recently that there aren't many careers you can go into with a BA, that it is just a degree that you must build on to actually begin a career. I want to go to school to learn; not to just get a job. But what jobs can I realistically get with an english degree? Someone help!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I spend the last couple year to earn a undergraduate degree. I try to get a decent job in humanity but fail. Now, I plan to get a master degree in development (with internship). Hope it help ... Sally!
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A photo of Dischordx Dischordx
The government hires BAs for Service Canada and a few other departments, which can often create a well paid, satisfying career. Also, have you thought about supplementary education on top of your undergrad? Education and law are popular ones that come to mind. If you're more adventurous, perhaps strive to teach english in another country? Or you can take the ultimate adventure, go through 4+ years of academic grad school and wind up with a PhD that may or may not get you any form of employment.
I was in the same boat. Best to just be true to yourself though. Research grad schools, grad programs, facilities etc. and maybe you'll find a good fit that will help you gain employment as well.
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A photo of ianhnsy ianhnsy
I would also advise teaching English in another country. Seems like a really cool experience and makes decent money. That might let you know if you want to get into an education career, or stay as far away from it as possible and go for another job.
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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
You can either teach, or teach... And I suggest you find a second teachable subject to go with disciplines such as English (like French).
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A photo of artsmgmt artsmgmt
The humanities is a great discipline that people don't appreciate. It enables you to think critically, and that's something employers look for. Because you're an English major, you will also be a good writer. Perhaps you could write about things in the social sciences? Be a journalist? Have our own column in the paper or a magazine?

Also - you're only an undergraduate. You can take various courses and "shop" around. Humanities programs lets you do that! And then you can pinpoint which subjects you're most interested in. Switching programs is also something many people do. I did it. It's okay to change your mind! Then there's also grad school or college where you can get a certificate for something more job-like if you wish to later on.

I really hope this helps!
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A photo of PR PR
well,you could become a teacher. you can write books and stuff.
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A photo of toribori toribori

@PR wrote
well,you could become a teacher. you can write books and stuff.

writing books could be cool, plus you could be a goverment worker specializing in humanities
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A photo of LauraAM LauraAM
The humanities are also my love, but not the most direct path to a lucrative career. I would recommend supplementing it with volunteer work and some business classes perhaps.

However, a lot of places just require you to have a degree of some sorts, to show that you can understand and communicate well. Look especially at universities. They have careers that require degrees but may not be entirely related to your schooling (for example I have a co-worker who has an English degree who works as a program coordinator).

As long as you can make yourself stand out a little bit with some experience and extra skills, I believe you can do well with a humanities degree.

Good luck!
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A photo of OotP OotP
I always thought social sciences and humanities were underappreciated. But y'know, it's their loss. Teaching is the most common way to go. Another option but may require more education is research work. You could do research and become published. I don't know what the pay is like but if you're research ends up at a dead end, I can't imagine it would pay much. Unless you don't have a problem with money.

Sorry if I sound like I'm contradicting myself. Just trying to give you the whole picture.
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