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Carelton Electrical Engineering

A photo of qaizar32 qaizar32
I'm a grade 12 student applying for electrical engineering and I was wondering how Carleton University's electrical engineering program is?

I know there are other unis which are more renowned like Waterloo, but could anyone give me any more insight on Carleton? I've done a lot of research on it and it seems like a good university but I want some more information like if anyone has any personal experience?

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A photo of iRamie iRamie
I heard it's great from the people that go there. Apparently they have a high co op employment rate and their co op terms are long....
Thats all i know..
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A photo of plato plato
Schools that offer EE have to teach certain material to stay accredited, so that stuff will essentially be the same. However, I do find big differences between what is not mandatory. If you PM me a link to the course outlines for year 1-2 I would be happy to critique.
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