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Caribbean Medical Schools, St George - Good Decision?

A photo of SolipsismGT SolipsismGT
Hello. Grade 12 here, pursuing a career in Health. After researching Med schools in the Caribbean (namely St. George's University in Grenada), is it a wise decision to head there after getting a University degree?

Also, there are some med schools in the Caribbean that you may get accepted to without even going to University. What's your opinion on these?

1. Go to St. George's after getting BSe

2. Go to Canadian/American med school after getting BSe

3. Skip University and jump right into a Caribbean Med School?

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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It's very expensive (relative to Canadian med schools). I wouldn't consider them unless I was loaded and couldn't get into a Canadian school.
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A photo of Ozinator Ozinator
My brother went to a Carribbean Medical School and he was one of the few that made it through.

The Carribean is a rough, rough place to study. You have to realize when you go out for electives and others, just because your a Carribean student you wont be as respected. And the teaching is less tight then American Medical schools, thus American/Canadian/other place medical schools will be chosen before you.

Id say stick with canadian/american medical school
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A photo of jellybeanrow jellybeanrow
Unfortunately, the Caribbean schools aren't as respected, but contrary to popular belief, some of them actually produce fantastic doctors. My cousin just graduated a few months back from the medical school on Saba, and they have to take the same standardized certification exam. Every single North American, whether they're in the Caribbean schools or in the ivies, has to take it, and I know he scored in the 97th percentile.

Honestly as well, Canadian schools are ridiculously competitive. If you can get in, by all means go. But I'm not entirely sure it's worth placing that much stress on yourself when you probably won't even be considered without a 4.0. Caribbean schools are a better option than a lot of people give them credit for, go wherever works best for you :)
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A photo of Ozinator Ozinator

@jellybeanrow wrote
some of them actually produce fantastic doctors.

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A photo of Victorinox Victorinox
The problem with Caribbean med schools isn't the difficulty of gaining admission, but its the difficulty of matching into a residency upon graduation. Although the current situation gives Canadians who choose the Caribbean path a solid chance of matching into non-competitive residencies in the States (VERY hard to match into a Canadian residency from a Carib school), the future may not be that bright. Many new med schools are springing up in the states, meaning hundreds of more graduates each year, and the amount of residency spots is not increasing at nearly the same pace. The last thing anyone would want is to be 200k in debt with an MD that you can't put to good use.
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