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Carleton Commerce program

A photo of mangtonio mangtonio
I know Carleton is not the best Business school out there but, is there anything unique about going to Carleton? I would also appreciate it if you are student coming from the school to respond to this question.

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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
Sorry, I'm not from the school but I did apply earlier this year.

Some of the reasons I applied were because business education starts from day one, small class sizes and close student to faculty interaction. They have co-op which is sweet, and they have a strong exchange program that is partnered with 84 schools in 30 different countries. They also frequently take part in case competitions, and I've heard they were pretty successful in some of them. Uhm they also have this new concentration called "supply chain management", which is quite different from the other concentrations such as accounting, finance, marketing and etc.

Good luck!
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