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Carleton, Guelph, Winsdor, Other?

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Does anyone have any opinions/info on these three business programs? I just found out that the University of Windsor has a business school but have never heard of it before. Anyways, I have an 86% average and can raised it with 4 more classes, and a few ECs, but am not sure about schools. My low average kind of scares me with my chances of getting accepted! I am looking to concentrate into marketing, so these schools:

Carleton University - Sprott School of Business?
University of Guelph Commerce Program?
University of Windsor - Odette School of Business?
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Apply to Laurier BBA (cutoff is 86, but you can get in with an 83-86 if you have a good ABS supp form), and UTSC/UTM and McMaster.

Carleton is pretty good (and it has co-op), although not as good as the ones listed above.

U of Guelph is an alright program and some of the specializations have co-op.

U of Windsor isn't that great. Not sure if it has co-op.

With a mid-80 average, you will definitely get into all but UTSC/UTM and Laurier, where you have a shot with a mid-80 average and are likely with a high-80 average.
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does Laurier have a good marketing program though? Everytime I research for it, it sends me to a double degree with math :/
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