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Carleton or Guelph!?!!! HELP QUICK!!

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I've applied to science at Carleton and Guelph and can't decide which one to go to. I'm aiming to accept one by the end of this evening.

I've heard Guelph has a better reputation for sciences. It is also way closer to where I live.

I have a good friend going to UofOttawa, and I really loved the city of Ottawa when I went to visit, however it is about an 8 hour drive.

I'd like to hear about student experience in the programs, if anyone has any advice that would be great!!

I'm not sure what I want to major in yet. I was also accepted to McMaster for Environmental and Earth Sciences and UofT for Life sciences.

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Guelph definitely has a better reputation for sciences, especially in the biological sciences. With the OVC (Ontario Veterinary College) as part of the University of Guelph, the biological sciences are really top-notch (as are the agriculture and animal science programs).

I'm not in science at Guelph, but as a nutrition student I've had to take plenty of science courses, and Guelph has a wonderful, new science building with modern labs. In general, I love being at Guelph. The campus is wonderful and the people are friendly. :) The food on campus is the best in the country. The professors really seem to care about us students - at least almost all of the profs I've had certainly do. The city of Guelph is also a great little city, and I love the Arboretum at Guelph - it is great for walking or running.

The university also has a lot of supports in place to help students. There are all kinds of programs to help with the transition to university, and with time management, paper writing, exam taking, etc. I'm sure other universities have those resources too, but I've been very impressed with the supports in place at Guelph.
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Well, I do not know about Carleton but I am a student at gwc2- Guelph Waterloo graduate center for chemistry and biochemistry, So I do take courses at both the University of Guelph and Waterloo.
My research is done primary at Guelph and I can tell you they have an amazing science facility.

Quick search and you can find:
1.U of G is home to more life science expertise per capita than any other university in North America and receives more health related research funding than any other Canadian university without a medical school
2.University of Guelph is consistently ranked as a top comprehensive university in Canada by Maclean's magazine, and given top marks for student satisfaction among medium-sized universities in
3.Science Complex is the largest integrated science teaching and research facility in North America. This facility houses 150 faculty and 4500 students, and centralizes physical, biological and computational sciences.

The list goes on and on...
If your interested in Biomedical science, Animal science, Biochemistry, nano-science(only university to offer a Bsc in this),environmental science- basically anything that falls under life science...Guelph is a great place to complete your BSC.
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