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Carleton Residence for 2012-2013

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Hi! I'm new to forums, so please forgive any errors...

I'm planning on going to Carleton in the fall, and I need to live in residence, since my home is nearly 48km away and only have a G1. I have a few questions.

1. I have allergies, asthma, and possibly an ASD. Do I go for special needs residence or just try for a single room? Does special needs residence cost less than typical single rooms?

2. I want suite style residence, since I plan on cooking a bit, from time to time. How do I get that?

3. I want to live in Prescott House, mainly because I want to live in the Themed Community "International Global Community." How do I apply for that?

4. I can't find any decent pictures of Prescott House rooms, particularly singles. Does anyone have some?

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer me!
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