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Carleton Software Engg

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Carleton University is running a scam, They offer two Software Engg programs. One under Engineering which is accredidated and other under Computer Science which is not accepted nationally but is still called Software engg.

Bloody hell I wasted my money!
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I don't see how you could've got confused.

If you search the program through OUAC by university or by program area, for engineering at Carleton there is Software Engineering only which gives a BEng degree.

einfo however under the Software Engineering section of Carleton says BCS (Computer Science - Honours: Software Engineering (regular and co-op)) while the other one is BEng (Engineering - Software Engineering (regular and co-op).

So I really don`t know how you could get confused with Software Engineering and Computer Science when both programs give different degrees. Perhaps you should`ve research more closely.

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