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A photo of CaitlinBouchard CaitlinBouchard
hey! so I know that on Carleton's website it says that you will receive a letter acknowledging that your application has been received within 4-6, but I've heard multiple times that people have gotten accepted a lot faster than that, so I was just wondering, if you are a Carleton student, how long was it between the date you applied and the date that you were accepted? Also, I'm a huuuuge worrier and I was just wondering what you thought my chances of acceptance are. I applied for BA (Honours) 4 years and BA (General) 3 years. My first term grade 12 average was an 86.5% and they shouldn't really pay attention to my grade 11 marks because I just applied yesterday, after my grade 12 first term marks were submitted. Thanks for any and all input! :)
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A photo of StudentDenu StudentDenu

First off - I know what you mean about being worried. Everyone told me my grades were fine, and I was freaking out about not getting to any of the universities I applied to. To be honest, I think your marks are just fine. I'm about 99.99...% sure you'd get accepted, and with a scholarship too! :)

I applied on January 8 and sent my documents about 2-3 weeks later. Got my acceptance on February 6. I was surprised when they sent me an offer, but heck was I happy. I literally screamed in my career adviser's room that morning. They offered me a 16k entrance scholarship, so it was really tempting for me to go there. I also got accepted into the COOP program (Experimental Physics is what I applied for, btw). These variables are what let me to accept their offer. Take note that I'm an international student though, so acceptances might work differently. I had 3 As and 1 C in my GCE AS Level Examination, along with 1 A*, 3 As, and 4Bs in my O Level examination. Don't know how that makes a 95-100% when you convert that to the scale they use in Ontario schools there lol, 'cause you supposedly need 95-100% to get that 16k Entrance Scholarship.

Also, I don't really know about the grades they look at for Ontario Secondary School students, so I can't say anything about your grade 11 marks or whatnot. sorry =/

So yeah, just keep waiting. I'm sure you'll get your acceptance soon :)
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A photo of kaileykittykat kaileykittykat
I applied Novemeber 22nd, and got an email on the 24th saying they had gotten my application. Then, December 16th, I was accepted. On the 19th I got a follow up email making sure I was aware of my acceptance and letting me know my offer of admissions package would arrive shorty. It came within a week.

Hope this helps!
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A photo of CaitlinBouchard CaitlinBouchard
you were both super helpful! thanks so much :) It only took them 3 days to process my application, and they just received my transcripts yesterday, so now my application is ready for review. Fingers crossed! :) haha
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A photo of pdfordyce pdfordyce
As a fellow worrier, I know how you feel, haha. :) Don't worry too much, a lot of universities send acceptances in April, once midterm marks are in.

I applied to Carleton for the Honours Arts BA program on January 10th, and I got accepted the next day. Then two days later, I got the "your application is here" email, lol. However, I did a victory lap, so I had all the required courses completed the year before, so that explains why I got in so early, as the university didn't have to wait on midterm marks.

You'll probably get an email message first, so just relax, and don't do anything differently (even if you're tempted to sit on the OUAC page and hit refresh every two hours). I will suggest that you check your junk mail folder occasionally (I had a Waterloo acceptance email disappear in there!), and eventually the email will show up, and you won't have to worry anymore.

Hope this helped, and good luck :)
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