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Chance for Schulich (I'm not trolling...)

A photo of JumboJet JumboJet
I don't post here very much but I have been lurking a lot during the past month and I think I've come across just about every prospective Schulich student on this forum.

I just received my first semester marks and I am a little worried as they've turned out lower than I was expecting. So what do you think my chances of acceptance to the BBA is with the following marks?

Advanced Functions: 85 (my biggest concern at the moment - I was aiming for a 90..)
English: 90
French: 95
Accounting: 96

Supplementary Info: I think my ECs would be considered strong with three creative essays, work experience and key club involvements.


Now that gives me an average of 91.5%

I'm estimating that this will not be good enough for the first round of acceptances. I think I'm panicking just a bit too much and I really need to look at the bigger picture, especially considering that I have an easier course load for second semester. I think I'm just worried that if I don't make the first round of acceptances, I'll totally be done for.

I've heard that > 92.0% would be a 'safe' average to have. Does this seem realistic?

Okay, I'm done ranting my frustrations. If you're still reading this, could you please share some opinions or feedback?

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A photo of dancecubed dancecubed
The only thing we can do is guess whether or not you'll be accepted. I don't want to say what way this will go, but, at the moment, you should have some tea and relax. :) You're going to be dealing with enough to get your next semester midterm marks high, so just focus on what's ahead of you instead of your past marks.

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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
probably will get in
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4
i also think u have good chances of getting in -luck!
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