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Chance me (Ivey) !

A photo of TegtheCoolDude TegtheCoolDude
Sup duders, I am applying for the AEO status at Ivey and I was just wondering what you guys think about my application:

From what I believe my final average for the grade 12 school year should be somewhere around 88-89% and the EC's that I'm using in my application are as follows:

1) Student Council: Leadership Officer (Pretty self-explanatory)
2) Badminton Team and Club (Been there since 2009. I was awarded the MVP of the team and I have like two other medals, probably gonna be the team captain this year)
3) Yearbook Photographer (Been in the club from 2008 - 2011. Also was awarded the MVP for photography)

Thats about it, So yeah tell me watchu guys think :D

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A photo of ModernCreed ModernCreed
Current AEO student here, going into second year of HBA/MIT:

You have a reasonable chance. Your ECs will make up for your below 90 marks. I have several friends who got the status with lower marks and less stuff.

You should be good.

Good luck!
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Good strong EC's, but you should really strive to improve your marks. You can still be accepted with 88-89, but it's a much safer application process if your marks are higher.
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