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Chance of me at Schulich?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I visited the school last weekend and fell in love with it, but I'm not so sure I can get in :/

right now marks are

Visual Arts - 97
AF - 82
History- 83
Psych - 95

I know my Functions mark is very very low, but getting up to an 85 won't be that difficult, same with my history mark,
with this right now my average is a 89.25%
I know that's considerably low, but with enough effort I know it'll be in the 90s.
As for next semester I have Calc, Law and English,
I'm confident for English and Law to be in the 90s, but Calc will probably be in the mid 80s

Ecs are as follows:
-Freelanced own photography business w/client list
-Competed in numerous artistic competitions and won Best in Show in the county
-Competed in business competitions around county at local colleges/universities
-A part of Art Club/AV - volunteering for many things such as school play setup, etc
-Signed intern at a local art gallery
-employed for three years/constantly interacting with customers

Should I be hopeful or just get face the facts that it's not good enough?
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Glad you love it :) it's pretty awesome.

Your EC's are excellent. I can easily see how you can sell yourself in the supplementary. Get your average to 91+, get good reference letters, and you'll get in.

Hope to see you next year :)
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A photo of Subtle Subtle
I don't even have to look at your ec's to tell you that your chances are zero right now.

Sorry, anything less than 90.83% isn't going to cut it.
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