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Chance of scholarships?

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Hi, so I am in grade 12 this year. I have the following EC's:
In-school: library vol (head vol-4yrs), math club-pres, newspaper (editor-in-chief), yearbook, environmental club-sec., Safe Schools-treas., model un, peer-tutoring; cross-country, badminton.
Out of school: youth cabinet, youth advisory group, food bank, hospital, community library vol (4yrs), tutoring/mentoring at a local elementary.
co-op at a hospital over the summer, u of t enrichment porgram attendee.
My gr 11 avg was 94...are these ECs worth a shot for TD, Loran, etc?
Also, I need advice on whether I should work on scholarship apps (they do req alot of time), or more towards on studies- as marks will atleast confirm an entrance scholarship?
Please give advice based on your experience, any suggestions welcome!
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Your ECs look good enough to try for TD and Loran and those big ones, I will note that those can be kind of a crapshoot though. I had pretty strong ECs and grades and won some major scholarships but didn't win any of those ones. Almost all of my scholarships were from the universities I applied to. If you can get an even 95% grade 12 average you're golden.

For information purposes, I won $50,000 worth of scholarships in my undergrad. I was also awarded a single $50,000 scholarship from U of C, which I declined. Of the money I actually got, $32,000 came from the U of A, $15,000 from the Alberta government and the rest from external. You can see that I didn't do so well on external scholarships. A lot of my scholarships were academic but they also had service components as well.
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