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Chances for AEO/Queens/Schulich

A photo of zivdeu zivdeu
I have quite a few extra courses

Currently have
English - 93
Advanced Functions - 88
Econ - 95
Politics (Canadian) - 94
Data - 98
Philosophy - 88
Calculus next Semester (prob 90 range)

as for E.C.
I was part of competitive sports that competed at provincial, national, and international levels
Work experience as summer camp councilor and lifeguard
Captain of school sports teams
Member of a bunch of clubs
Also I went to Highschool in a different country for one year and speak a secondary language

Is it problematic that I pretty much only have sports EC's? Most of my free time is spent training really don't have time for other activities...
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
I think you'll get into all three schools.
Your EC's are fine; it's just a matter of how well you can bs about it in the supplementary and sell yourself. For example, there's a lot about leadership/communication/dedication that you can say from your experience as captain of sports teams.
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A photo of sherrybloosm sherrybloosm
Based on the grades and ecs you just indicated, you'll most likely get AEO if you know how to write decently, and know how to articulate yourself in those essays. I doubt it’s a problem that all your ecs are sports related. Ivey admission staff is more interested in the quality of your ecs (what you did in the indicated activities).
Queens is a lot more selective than Ivey. You already have a competitive average, so the only thing standing in your way is the quality of your essays. Queens put a lot of weight on those essays, so work hard on them!
I can’t say much for Schuilch since I didn’t apply for it.

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A photo of RobertTan RobertTan
Shulich and Ivey AEO acceptances are very likely based on your marks and ECs. Just work hard on your Queen's PSE! My friend applied with a 96 average coupled with strong ECs and he got rejected (from Queen's Commerce) haha


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