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Chances for Ivey acceptance?

A photo of themiscbrah themiscbrah
I'm a resident of Canada and AEO status at Ivey has long been one of my aspirations. I am an IB diploma student and during midterms this year, my average lay at about 91%, since then it has dropped to an 85% as of this Christmas due to personal problems. My teachers have been disappointed in me this term but I have no doubt I can increase these during the oncoming term.

Anticipating my marks would be on the low end of the spectrum applying to these school i wrote the SAT last month scoring an 1890. I feel as if if I wrote the SAT once more with preparation I could score close to 2000 seeing as a scored an 1890 without preparation. I've heard many different claims on how SAT's are looked at by Canadian school for Canadian students. Some say they aren't considered, others say they sometimes outweigh GPA. Could someone knowledgeable on the topic please clarify this issue?

My EC's are strong and mainly sport and volunteer based. They go some way to explain my low GPA.
Main EC's -
• Rugby 11 years
• Varsity Snowboarding, swimming, horseracing
• Member of Northern Irish Judo association
• Member of Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
• Member of International Shotokan Karate Federation
• Violin 10 years
• Habitat For Humanity service mission to Guatemala- 2 Weeks
Youth political ambassador
200 volunteer hours in various hospital departments (ER, Research, etc.)
And many others, mainly hosting events such as youth conferences and smaller voluntary roles

What are my chances of getting into Ivy? If AEO status is unlikely what is the next best path to getting into Ivey?

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A photo of sherrybloosm sherrybloosm
I highly doubt that Ivey would put considerable weight (if any weight at all) on your SAT scores. Get your average up to an 87+ and you'll most likely get AEO.
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