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Chances for Ivey AEO at Western University

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I'm applying for Ivey AEO along with BMOS this year. My Grade 11 average was a 99 and I am also expecting my Grade 12 average (by March) will be 98/99. Admittedly, my EC's are pretty lacklustre. For example, Royal Canadian sea cadets for 3 years, school band for 4 years where I've been lead trumpet/section leader, working in a managerial position at my parents' business for 4 years, and many, many hours of tutoring. Within sea cadets, I've gone on summer leadership camps also. 

1.How do you think my chances would be for AEO? My sisters who've been accepted to AEO in the past (2012) have told me that it used to be fairly simple to get by I am unsure of how it might be currently. 
2. I am also applying for the Western National Scholarship program, would this greatly increase my chances of obtaining AEO?
3. Are they able to check how many volunteer hours you've obtained or how many hours you've worked? Most of my tutoring hours are unmarked in addition to my working hours as they were for my parents. 
4. Finally, do they look at Grade 11 marks for AEO or is it only Grade 12 marks? 

Sorry for the many questions, but Ivey is my dream school.
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Must have sucked a couple dicks in your highschool career for that type of average, eh? You can fucckk off.
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Where's the other 1-2% at? With an average that low you'll be lucky to get into Trent.
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Your high average should be able to offset your weak ECs. Tutoring doesn't show much leadership and working in a managerial position for a FAMILY BUSINESS may raise red flags about the legitimacy of the EC, just because it's within a family. Make sure as your reference for that  to put someone who is not a member of your family. 

Good luck 
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