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Chances for Laurier BBA?

A photo of bricksquad bricksquad
So at midterm my advanced functions mark is a 74, but I had a test today that I absolutely bombed, and the rest of the course isn't going to be getting any easier, so I can expect to end the course low 70's, best case scenario. Luckily my other marks are:

World Issues: 95 (took last year)
Int. Business: 92 (midterm)
Spanish: 95 ^ditto

Based on this, and the fact that my next semester avg. should be around 85, will I need to do the ABS form for Laurier or should I be safe to get in without it?
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A photo of g93 g93
If you have to ask this question you should be doing the ABS.
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A photo of BudsFan94 BudsFan94
Laurier uses advanced functions and another math to calculate your admission average so the other math will be crucial. But just like g93 said, do the ABS if you think you may not get in. Simple as that.
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